A new Once Upon a Time casting announcement might give us a few more clues as to the identity of the new princess Helena.

SpoilerTV reports that for episode 2×13, which is the same episode as the one featuring the fierce warrior princess whose name may or may not be Helena, Once Upon a Time is casting the role of Arlo.

The character is described as, “About 40 years old, tall and fat, and also wise, spiritual, and fatherly.”

As the character of Helena is described as being 30 years old, this probably isn’t supposed to be her father, but we can’t help but think that these two may be related. Could Arlo be her older husband, perhaps?

Do you have any theories as to what fairytale or story these two characters will be from, if they indeed are related to each other?

Once Upon a Time is back Sunday at 8/7c on ABC with the episode “Into the Deep.” We will see Cora trying to get the compass back from Emma, Snow, Aurora and Mulan, while in Storybrooke, Regina and Rumpelstiltskin will be placing David’s life in danger in order to open up a link to the fairytale world and allow him to communicate with Snow White. Will they be successful?

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