See the stills from next week’s Once Upon a Time, the Snow White flashback episode “The Queen is Dead.”

Once Upon a Time is back March 3 with “The Queen is Dead,” which features actress Rena Sofer as Snow White’s mother Queen Eva. It’ll likely answer the question of how she died, and give us more insight into Snow’s childhood.

In Storybrooke, Regina and Cora continue their search for Rumpelstiltskin’s dagger – which by the looks of these promo pictures takes them to the town clocktower. But Snow and Charming seem to find the dagger first:

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In other Once Upon a Time news, TV Line can confirm that we can expect Bae (Michael Raymond-James) back for more juicy storylines. Jennifer Morrison teases that Emma will be wanting Neal to stick around for Henry’s sake, but there’s a twist: “It’s revealed to her that he has a fiancee, a whole life that’s been going on. So, that definitely is complicated,” Morrison reveals.

Creator Adam Horowitz also teases the upcoming Storybrooke flashback, which will, “explore the origins of what made Regina want a child.”

Now that Rumpel knows that Henry is his grandson, and also the boy who will prove his undoing, what will he do? Or will he even have a choice, if Regina and Cora actually manage to get control over him?

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