See the set of promotional images released for Once Upon a Time‘s next episode, entitled “Into the Deep”! Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora fight off attackers.

Sadly we have to wait two weeks for “Into the Deep,” but luckily there are some promotional images to tie us over! These images were released by ABC and posted online on SpoilerTV:

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We see that Snow White, Emma, Mulan and Aurora will be encountering some problems as bandits attack their camp – did Cora send them? We also see her and Hook, and it looks like Hook is tied up (but not in the same place as Emma left him). Will Hook once again join forces with Cora against Emma and the girls, or is he still open to double-crossing her?

The episode description for “Into the Deep” reads:

Cora does everything in her power to steal the compass away from Mary Margaret and Emma in her quest to find the entrance to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in order to protect Henry from further danger, Regina and Mr. Gold must put David’s life in jeopardy in an attempt to put him in contact with Mary Margaret across the lands to give her vital information that could help her and Emma return through the portal back to Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, November 25 at 8/7c on ABC.

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