Though secrets about future seasons of Orange is the New Black always stay close to the vest, an interesting aspect of season 5 has been revealed by cast members.

When Orange is the New Black season 5 premieres later this year on Netflix, you can expect the story to be told over a three-day period. The show will track the fallout from the death of Poussey and the ensuing riots. (It was a tough episode to watch, but a very good one.)

By the sounds of it, the shorter time span for the new season will open up new and deeper storytelling opportunities.

“Season 5 is done over the course of three days: you will watch 13 episodes, and find out what happens in the course of three days,” Danielle Brooks (Taystee) told E!. “So, it will be very detailed, very intense, and you better get ready.”

“Get your popcorn, tissues, everything,” she added.

Piper actress Taylor Schilling said, “I think the stakes are higher in this season than they have been in a while just by virtue of the compressed time and seeing people in compressed circumstances really raises the stakes.”

“It’s really, really good,” Laverne Cox (Sophia) told E!. “What I can tell you is that I was just as excited as all the fans were to see what happens next. When I read it, it was incredible, when we shot it, it was…intense. It’s really, really intense. … [But] it still manages to have an irreverence and a spin that is funny and thoughtful.”

Brace yourselves, and look forward to OITNB season 5 premiering sometime this summer on Netflix.

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