A major look at Orange is the New Black season 4 has been unveiled thanks to a new trailer from Netflix.

As Litchfield Penitentiary struggles to take on an additional 100 inmates, the “old” prisoners begin to receive several threats from the newbies, revealing that there’s quite a bit of drama ahead in OITNB season 4. All of these warnings might make you think that someone significant may get killed. Or at least seriously injured: One shot shows Crazy Eyes is hospitalized. Watch below:

As for how else Litchfield’s switch to a for-profit prison changes things, there appears to be some new roles for the inmates. In one brilliant decision by the show’s writers, Taystee is now Caputo’s receptionist (and it looks like she didn’t get enough training on how to operate the phone).

Elsewhere, Red is as badass as ever, there’s a very scary and bearded new security guard (“They hate me and I hate them, our relationship is simple”), and Piper is told she’ll be buried. Mysteriously absent from the trailer? Alex and Nicky.

“Who will fight, and who will fall?” a tagline from Netflix ominously asks. OITNB season 4 premieres all episodes June 17.


How do you think ‘OITNB’ season 4 is looking?

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