It was announced this morning by video game maker Adam Atomic that he is developing the official Hunger Games app for iOS!

iOS is the operating system that runs on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Adam took to his blog to explain what we can expect:

I made it clear to [Lionsgate] right up front that while I was a big fan of The Hunger Games, a copy of Canabalt was out of the question. I pitched them on an original touch-based action game instead. It does feature a running character, but the focus of the game is more on marksmanship and strategy… but we’ll have more to say and show about that later! It’s a small idea, but a tight one too. Almost like a teaser game, in the same way there are teaser trailers. This is usually the part of the discussion where my prospective clients say “ah… I see. Well, if you change your mind…”

We’re definitely excited to check this out. By the sounds of the description it’s quite simple and may not follow the book’s storyline.

We know it’s the official app because The Hunger Games’ CapitolPN Twitter account retweeted the announcement.

What do you hope to see in the game?

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