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‘No Tomorrow’ is amazing and everyone should be watching it

I love the CW’s No Tomorrow like there’s… well… no tomorrow. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth.

Honestly, going in to No Tomorrow, I didn’t expect to like it. In fact, I planned to just watch the pilot and then take the show right off of my weekly TV schedule and just forget about it.

But then a weird thing happened. I fell in love with No Tomorrow.

‘No Tomorrow’ review

It wasn’t like one of those slow burn/”gotta see a few episodes before loving it” situations. This was a “slowly and then all at once within the first half of the episode”-love stories.

Since then, I haven’t been able to keep my love of No Tomorrow to myself. I’ve tweeted about it, mentioned it to friends a few times, and even talked to my cat about it (trust me, I wish I was joking). I just can’t get enough of this under-the-radar CW show and don’t understand why, for some reason, absolutely nobody is talking about it. Nobody. If I hadn’t have DVR’ed the pilot, I probably would’ve forgotten about it and been oblivious to its existence up until this point. That’s why I’m talking about it ad nauseam.

So, why exactly do I love No Tomorrow so much? Well, here are a few reasons…

1. It’s sexy (but in a realistic way)

No Tomorrow sexuality

The show is open about sexuality and doesn’t treat it like a taboo. None of the characters are ashamed of talking about what they like or what their needs are and nobody judges them for it. They even openly discuss ethical non-monogamy! Best of all, one character is openly bisexual and the main character has been hinted as being so as well, which is so drastically different from what we normally see on TV. I just love the way and the frequency that this show depicts sex and sexuality. It’s just real.

2. The main character is complex and relatable

No Tomorrow main characters

Sure, when you first meet Evie, she looks and acts like a sort of Taylor Swift clone. She’s super cute and has a few quirks that make her even cuter. That and she’s a bit clumsy. But as the show progresses, we learn more about her and are given the chance to peel back layers of her character. With every “apoca-list” item she completes, more and more of her character and personality shines through. It’s interesting to watch. Oh, and there’s also the part about how even though the lead male of the show leads a different lifestyle than her, she doesn’t change to be with him! It’s a miracle!

3. The show is more about embracing life than dealing with crazy doomsday theories

No Tomorrow "apoca-list" adventures

When I first heard about No Tomorrow‘s premise, I had a few reservations. I thought it was going to be all about this crazy guy with this crazy theory about how the world is ending. But the beautiful part of this show is that nobody is painted as crazy. (In fact, the doomsday main character has scientific fact to back up his theory!) Instead of focusing on how crazy a doomsday theory can be, the show instead chooses to highlight all of the amazing and kind-hearted things we can all do if we make time for them. It reminds the audience of the importance of embracing the present and living in the moment. We could all use that reminder every once in a while.

4. The supporting characters are wonderfully entertaining

No Tomorrow supporting characters

In a lot of shows, the secondary characters’ stories are necessary evils. Plots that we have to suffer through until we can get back to the primary plot of the episode (or the show). That’s not the case with No Tomorrow. No, they’re not as fleshed out as the main couple, but the supporting characters have such vibrant and multi-faceted personalities and interesting stories. It’s hard not to become invested in all of their lives (and happiness).

5. The main couple’s chemistry is off the charts

No Tomorrow chemistry

The main couple in this show makes me feel… things. Their relationship with each other and the way they interact just feels so natural and so right. They complement each other perfectly, with each character making up for the other’s shortcomings. But their physical chemistry is even more satisfying. They fit together perfectly and you can really feel the excitement and affection that they have for each other. I usually hate romantic comedies, but I’d watch an endless marathon of them if they all revolved around these two characters.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that even if you don’t think No Tomorrow is your kind of thing, just give it a try. It might surprise you with how light, clever, and heartfelt it is. When everything else on TV is heavy and drama-filled, No Tomorrow is a pleasurable breath of fresh air. Just give it a chance and I know you’ll love it like I do.

No Tomorrow airs Tuesday nights at 9PM EST on The CW.

Are you watching ‘No Tomorrow’? If not, will you?

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