Glee returns for the final couple of episodes of its dramatic and sometimes controversial third season. With seniors graduating this year, and word of a “revolutionary” season 4, it has left us all wondering: what the heck is going to happen to this show?!

Ryan Murphy has said that some of the core cast will be returning for season 4. Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer have all said that they will be returning in a “revolutionary” fashion. The word “revolutionary” being the term Fox’s PR seems to be coaching them to say.

So here we are, eight episodes from the end of season 3, and we still have no clue at all as to how these characters are going to be incorporated into a show about high school show choir if they graduated!

On Glee Chat, Hypable’s Glee podcast, I’ve often said that maybe they’ll do a Lost-style “flash sideways” line next year with two “what if” plot lines going on at the same time. What if Quinn didn’t send that text? What if Rachel does/doesn’t go to New York? What if Kurt had answered those texts from Karofsky? This isn’t me digging for examples; they’re very clear and visible devices that seem to be setting up the audience to ask itself “what if?” Each character seems to have come to or is going to be coming to a fork in the road with their lives. Maybe season 4 will be about what could have happened? That seems like a lot to ask from a comedy, but we’ve seen Glee handle much more intense story lines than this.

Another theory I came up with is that maybe they will do live shows in canon with the storyline. As we’ve reported there is no summer tour this year – but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a fall tour! How fun would it be to have tickets to go see one of the live season 4 episodes of Glee at your local arena; to live and be present in an episode. I could totally see live and studio versions of songs appearing in iTunes the next day (American Idol, anyone?) This too seems far-fetched, but that’s where we have to go if we want to figure out what’s so “revolutionary” about the next season.

Recently a Fox executive said that the next season of Glee is going to be “exciting” and that it is “going to feel like ‘Glee.'” This is interesting to me because it makes it sound as if they are going to be uprooting the entire feel/plot of the show and recreating it. If it were the traditional format that we’ve already seen in the three seasons we’ve had so far, what would be the point in emphasizing that it’s going to feel the same way next season?

Either way, we’ll be finding out what’s going on with season 4 sometime soon. We’re probably a few weeks away from hearing an official confirmation about the renewal, but something tells me we won’t know about what’s so revolutionary about season 4 until the season 3 finale at the very earliest – and maybe not even then.

Do you have any ideas, suspicions, or hopes about what season 4 will entail? What would and wouldn’t you be okay with seeing in season 4? Sound off in the comments below and we may read them on a future episode of Glee Chat!

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