1:30 pm EDT, July 10, 2019

Nintendo Switch Lite cuts $100 off MSRP, can’t connect to TVs

The Nintendo Switch Lite’s announcement confirms the rumors circulating around a Switch update for Nintendo’s two-year-old handheld console hybrid.

The biggest change to the Nintendo Switch Lite is that this console won’t be able to connect to a television. The console won’t be able to dock and connect via an HDMI port, unlike the original Nintendo Switch.

The new console will also lack the functionality to take the Joy-Cons off. The Lite’s Joy-Cons lack the infrared tracking technology of the originals, along with the HD rumble effect. All of these sacrifices were made to create a more affordable and slimmer console.

Take a look at Nintendo’s announcement of the handheld-only Nintendo Switch below.

With an MSRP of $199, this budget-friendly Switch might just be the deal that convinces customers on the fence about the console to take the leap. The Switch as-is is a great bargain, making the Lite even more so.

Along with the Nintendo Switch Lite announcement, Nintendo has seemingly confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS line has seen its final update. It seems as though the Nintendo Switch Lite will mark a new line of Switch consoles, akin to the Nintendo DS Lite and New Nintendo 3DS XL console updates.

The question on fans’ minds is of when they can expect a beefier, perhaps larger model than what both the vanilla and Nintendo Switch Lite have to offer. As Nintendo is still rumored to be working on a second Switch console update, it could just be that the next console announcement from the Japanese gaming giant is that of a Nintendo Switch Pro.

The Switch Lite releases September 20, 2019. A special Pokemon Sword and Shield version of the console will launch with the games this November, making this version of the console the must-have one.


The console comes in yellow, turquoise, and grey color variations. The new console’s battery life will last about an hour longer than the vanilla Nintendo Switch’s.

Do you see yourself buying a Nintendo Switch Lite?

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