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Nintendo E3 2019 recap: ‘Breath of the Wild 2,’ Banjo-Kazooie, ‘Dragon Quest’ characters coming to ‘Smash’

Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct announced new details on upcoming titles Animal Crossing, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Link’s Awakening, and more.

The presentation began with some epic footage of Link fending off dark versions of Marth and Meta Knight. Soon, he was joined in battle by Dragon Quest‘s The Hero, the latest Smash Ultimate DLC character. He looks like he will play similarly to Robin from Fire Emblem. After The Hero’s reveal, it was announced that skins for the character would include other Heroes from games in the JRPG series, such as the Cursed King Hero. This Smash Ultimate DLC will hit this summer.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario’s brother will visit a haunted hotel where the deceased guests want to ensure he never leaves. Luigi’s Poltergust G-00 now has a Slam attack, a Suction Shot, and an AEO burst attack. A clone of Luigi, Gooigi, will allow you to slip through metal fences and traverse over spikes via co-op. In The ScareScraper Mode, you can play locally or online with others to take down ghost hordes. The ghost hunting game releases this year.

The Dark Crystal will make its way over to the Nintendo Switch in a turn-based game this summer. Link’s Awakening follows Link as he escapes the zany Koholint Island. The remake is looking great, and seems like it’s taking the best elements from the latest top-down Zelda games in the series. You can make dungeons in Link’s Awakening, but there wasn’t any talk of sharing these dungeons online. The game releases this September 20, 2019.

Trials of Mana will release early 2020 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch; the Collection of Mana is available now for the Switch, bringing the third game in the series outside of Japan for the first time. In 2019, The Witcher‘s definitive edition will port over to the Switch.

The latest in the massively popular JRPG series Fire Emblem: Three Houses will hit the Nintendo Switch July 26, 2019. The Resident Evil series will port over 5 and 6 to the Switch this Fall.

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Cult classic No More Heroes 3 was announced, with the action game will hitting in 2020. Contra‘s latest title will release for the Switch on September 24, 2020, with the collection of the series hitting on the eShop now.

September 13, 2019 will be the release date of Demon x Machina for the Switch. Panzer Dragon releases this Winter, and is a flying game wherein the player must direct a dragon through an ocean environment.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will let you use the Poké Ball Plus accessory in a similar way to the Poké Walker from Heartgold and Soulsilver; however, it can’t be used as a controller in the game. Nessa, the Water-Type Gym Leader in Galar, will be available to battle at Nintendo’s E3 booth.

August 30, 2019 will see Astral Chain release for the Nintendo Switch. Empire of Sim will release in 2020, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 releases July 19, 2019. Zelda spin-off title Cadence of Hyrule releases June 13, 2019, and will let players fight as both Link and Zelda.

Mario & Sonic returns with online multiplayer in a Nintendo Switch exclusive for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; it releases November 2019.

Animal Crossing Switch starts off with the player living in a tent on a deserted island. Players start off with nothing, and must craft their tools at Nook’s workbench. It seems like the latest Animal Crossing will incorporate a bit more of adventure, with the player being able to pole vault over a river in the town. March 2020 will see the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is a delay of the game’s original 2019 release window.

A highlight reel for many coming games to the Switch showed off the great third-party support the console is now receiving with hit games like Alien: Isolation and Wolfenstein coming over to the Nintendo portable soon.

Banjo-Kazooie have been announced for Smash Bros Ultimate. The characters have been hotly requested additions to the Smash-verse for some time now, making their inclusion an amazing acknowledgment of fans’ requests. They will make their debut in Smash this fall.

Nintendo E3 2019 recap: ‘Breath of the Wild 2’

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has been announced. A teaser trailer for the game showed the cave-dwelling adventures of Link and Zelda as they solve mysteries of Hyrule’s long-forgotten past.

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