Watch Nikita executive producer Craig Silverstein introduce this week’s episode, “Survival Instincts,” below.

“The old Division had one big rule, which is you can never make contact with the life that you left behind. This episode concerns a rogue survival expert from Division doing just that,” previews Silverstein.

“Division, of course, joins in the chase hoping to get to this guy first before anybody learns that a dead man is walking,” he adds. News like this that could be traced back to Division would be catastrophic, as the President threatened to destroy Division and everyone in it if it became a public nuisance.

Meanwhile, Michael will continue to deal with the aftermath of losing his hand, so “Owen is stepping more and more into Michael’s shoes,” Silverstein says.

“He is now partnered with Nikita out in the field as Michael is running things from Operations, which is a position he’s used to, but he doesn’t like watching on the cameras as Owen is out with his girl.”

Last episode, Michael had fights with both Owen and Nikita over his struggle to deal with his injury, so it comes as no surprise that tension will linger, especially between Michael and Owen, who both care for Nikita.

“Survival Instincts” airs Friday, February 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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