1:50 pm EST, February 25, 2016

The next Pokémon games have been revealed: ‘Pokémon Sun’ and ‘Pokémon Moon’

This is it. After a painful 2015 with no new installment in the main series, Nintendo seems ready to announce the next Pokémon games: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Update (2/26): It’s official! Pokémon Sun and Moon are premiering on Nintendo 3DS in “late 2016.” A trailer was not revealed today, though Nintendo did offer this look back at previous Pokémon games. Ah, memories!

Original story (2/25): Originally discovered by Nerdleaks, Nintendo recently filed trademarks for the two titles with matching logos to boot (seen above).

In addition, just yesterday, the official Pokémon Twitter announced that there’s a major Pokémon announcement tomorrow:

While there’s no confirmation that these two things are directly correlated, I’d bet my shiny Ponyta that they’re related.

But one thing’s for sure: we’re getting a new Pokémon something on Friday.

Let’s assume for a moment that tomorrow’s announcement is about Sun and Moon. With a new Pokémon game comes a new region, new types, new trainers, and of course, brand new Pokémon. While we most likely won’t learn about all of this tomorrow, we can look back to Pokémon X & Y’s announcement trailer for a few hints as to what we’re in for on Friday:

Clocking in at 1:31, Pokémon X & Y’s announcement revealed for the first time the three starter Pokémon, certain gyms and locations in the game, and most importantly, the legendaries. Will we see all these things in tomorrow’s announcement? Only time (less than 24 hours) will tell.

Nintendo has been pulling out all the stops for Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, promising other equally hype-inducing games later this year like Pokémon Go and Pokkén Tournament. It’s never been a better time to be a Pokémon fan.

The official Pokémon announcement can be live streamed here tomorrow 7 a.m. pacific / 10 a.m. eastern.

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