We’ve been pumped for The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover, and the new trailer gave us a better look at Morgan’s role in the AMC spin-off series.

Ever since it was announced that Morgan would be the character crossing over from his role on The Walking Dead to join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead, we’ve been curious and excited to see how things would play out. Though Morgan hasn’t been in every episode since The Walking Dead‘s premiere like Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, Morgan was one of the first non-infected people Rick encountered after waking from his coma.

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Because of that, Morgan has been quite the force on the show, and it’s sad to see a character like that move on. However, as we’ve seen Morgan’s mental health slowly decline in The Walking Dead, we’ve sensed a serious shift in the character that makes it a great time for him to transition into a new story.

The new trailer for Fear the Walking Dead gave us a look at how Morgan’s path will be linking up with the new show, and it had a few surprises in store for us.

One of the biggest surprises would definitely be the timeline of the show. For the first 3 seasons, Fear the Walking Dead took place much earlier than the events happening on The Walking Dead. Even the walkers looked less like zombies and more like regular, infected humans.

However, in this new trailer, it seems that Fear has finally caught up with the timeline we’re seeing on The Walking Dead. Morgan even discusses a “battle back east,” which we can only assume is touching on the battles Rick’s group has been engaged in with Negan and the Saviors.

But will Morgan finally be able to find some peace in this new group, or will his demons continue to haunt him? Whatever is in store for us this season, we’re excited to see what dynamic he adds to Fear the Walking Dead when the show returns on April 15!

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