3:00 pm EST, January 19, 2018

New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ trailer spells out the series’ end

A new Star Wars Rebels trailer sets ups the story for the animated series’ final arc.

The final act of Star Wars Rebels season 4 will begin on Feb. 19 with “Jedi Night,” and conclude in March with a two-hour finale. The last six episodes promise to be full of Star Wars lore, nostalgia, emotional turmoil, and… oh crap, that’s THE EMPEROR.

The Star Wars Rebels mid-season trailer begins with a recap of sorts, tracing through Ezra’s journey from Lothal street-rat to the spunky young Jedi he is today. But as The Last Jedi made clear, there is always more to learn when it comes to the Force.

The early parts of the Star Wars Rebels season 4 trailer emphasize Ezra’s connection to the Force, especially through other living creatures. The trailer also details Hera’s rescue from Thrawn’s clutches, Kanan’s new (and very terrible) haircut, and the return of a very familiar convoree.

(Ahsoka? Is that you?)

Lothwolves also feature prominently in the clip, as does the aforementioned Emperor Palpatine, who seems to have set his sights directly on Ezra. Luckily, Ezra finally seems to be entering Adult Mode — the final moments of the trailer suggest that Space Aladdin has well and truly leveled up.

A new poster for Star Wars Rebels ties many of these elements together, in what might be the moodiest image ever presented by the animated series. The crew of the Ghost stands in shadow, darkened by the blaze of light from breathtaking Imperial armaments — including what looks an awful lot like the Death Star.

Yes, Padawans; after four long years, it’s all finally going down.

Star Wars Rebels returns on Feb. 19 on Disney XD.

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