In a clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards, one of Peter Parker’s friends finds out his secret.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is the Spider-Man — you know, the one “from YouTube.”

But as this new clip from the movie shows, keeping a secret isn’t as easy as all that, especially when you’ve got friends coming over to help you finish a Lego(TM) model of a fellow Disney brand.

Aside from revving up the merchandise vehicle (imagine it: A little Spider-Man holding a Death Star? Double the excitement, double the $$$), it also nicely continues Peter’s track record of being a modern nerd, and his relatable Star Wars obsession that we first saw in Captain America: Civil War.

See how future fan favorite Ned (Jacob Batalon) reacts to the reveal that his best friend is internet famous:

The clip was introduced at the MTV Movie Awards by Tom Holland and Zendaya, the latter of whom plays this Marvel movie’s love interest Michelle and can briefly be seen at the end of the clip-turned-trailer.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ premieres July 7, 2017

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