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Predicting who the two remaining new ‘Smash’ characters will be

In order for us to figure out who the remaining new Smash characters will be, let’s take a collective look into our Nintendo crystal ball for a peek into the future.

I’m not going to toot my own Nintendo future telling horn too much, but I do have some credit to my name. Not only did I successfully predict Dark Samus and King K. Rool, I also recently wrote up the Animal Crossing Switch announcement post before it was even announced. You’re welcome, internet.

For now, the biggest speculation going around the Nintendo circuit is that there will be up to two new Smash characters in the upcoming game that have yet to be announced. This theory has its legs, as the steelbook collector’s edition of Smash Ultimate seems to have room for exactly two more new Smash characters.

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With Isabelle from Animal Crossing recently announced, I’m taking Tom Nook off of my prediction list, seeing as he seems to be set on building up the Village while the Mayor and Isabelle are off “camping and smashing.”

Who will these new Smash characters be? While I already did a piece on new Smash characters that would break the internet, now’s the time for my final serious predictions. Nintendo stated that we will know every Smash character before the game releases, meaning we likely will be getting another Smash Nintendo Direct sometime very soon.

Geno from ‘Super Mario RPG’

new smash characters geno

Geno has been a character floating around Smash Bros. Ultimate speculation conversations for some time now. As was with Dark Samus, King K. Rool, and Isabelle, the most realistic new Smash characters are the ones that are a Nintendo first party character, making Geno my number one prediction on this list. I’ve heard talk that he could be a Ness echo-fighter; he might be more of a Lucas to Ness though, as I can’t see them having an exact echo-fighter relationship (see: Isabelle to Villager).

Shadow from the ‘Sonic’ series

new smash characters shadow the hedgehog

Shadow is another character that is offered up as being an easy echo-fighter, but this time, for Sonic. Of course, Nintendo could make it even easier on themselves with a skin swap for Sonic with Shadow, much like Pikmin‘s Olimar and Alph, the Koopalings, and the new Ike variants. If he was his own character, his moveset would have to be so similar to Sonic’s so as to be his echo-fighter; the chances of having a brand new moveset for Shadow, if he is included, are slim to none.

Bandana Dee from the ‘Kirby’ series

new smash characters bandana dee

This one always stumps me. I suppose that since Kirby is such a popular and historied series, fans are clamoring for any other untouched character to be in Smash Ultimate. He has a long spear, which would do him well as a zoning character. There’s not much else to say about this potential and unique “weird” fighter (see: Wii Fit trainer, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Jigglypuff, respectively).

Ken from the ‘Street Fighter’ series

new smash characters ken street fighter

One last echo-fighter on my list is Ken from the Street Fighter series. The Smash series often pays tribute to its parent series Street Fighter, and it seems like Smash series director Masahiro Sakurai has a good running relationship with the Street Fighter team. Let alone, Nintendo announced a Capcom fighting game bundle that will exclusively be for the Switch, giving further credence to Ken’s inclusion.

The final ‘Smash Ultimate’ roster will be announced before the game’s release on December 7

Fanmade character splash card image sources: Bandana Dee (SuperSegaSonicSS), Geno (eitan0531), Ken (TylerBlackRunIt), Shadow (Aegis)

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