10:45 am EST, January 6, 2020

‘New Mutants’ released new trailer and new release date

New Mutants has officially dropped a new trailer for the movie. That’s right, kids, the movie we never thought we’d get to see is finally coming our way.

New Mutants felt like a really exciting new addition to the X-Men franchise. However, after production issues and release delay after release delay, it seemed like the movie was never going to hit theaters.

Mercifully, 20th Century Fox is finally bringing us the movie. A new trailer was just released, and it highlights some of the changes director Josh Boone made, along with giving us a brief re-introduction to the characters and the story. Take a peek at the exciting new trailer below.

New Mutants takes on a really unique bent to other superhero movies, skewing more toward horror vibes than the heroic, comic book style we’ve seen in other X-Men and Marvel movies.

The brief synopsis summarizes the movie as a story focusing on “five young mutants, just discovering their abilities while held in a secret facility against their will, fight to escape their past sins and save themselves,” but from the trailer, it feels like it will be so much more.

Our heroes are indeed held in a facility that monitors their abilities. However, as more and more strange and terrifying occurrences happen, the five mutants must work together to discover the truth about their surroundings and find a way to survive. New Mutants looks like it won’t just be a superhero origin story, but a mind-bending, scary adventure into a new corner of the X-Men universe.

It sounds like this movie will be an amazing one you won’t want to miss. With the long journey New Mutants traveled to get to movie theaters, Fox is making sure this one is worth the wait. And with the disappointment of Dark Phoenix, we’re kind of excited to see this new direction for X-Men.

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The film has overcome casting changes, rewrites, reshoots, moved production dates, and the tiny matter of the Disney/Fox acquisition, but it seems like we’ll finally get to watch New Mutants for ourselves.

The new release date is set for April 2, 2020, so mark your calendars!

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