The Merlin publicity team has been throwing series 5 images at us all day! See the new stills available of various cast members.

The following two images feature Sir Leon (Rupert Young) and Merlin (Colin Morgan), and were posted on Merlin‘s official Twitter account:

Merlin Leon series 5 Merlin Colin Morgan

It looks like Leon might be running through the woods as part of tonight’s episode “A Lesson in Vengeance.” Merlin is clearly posing for a promo shot, and it seems like this image might originally have been a part of the original set of stills released ahead of Merlin‘s fifth series premiere.

We’ll keep a lookout for more new images released! What do you think about these two?

Don’t forget that Merlin airs tonight at 20:00 GMT on BBC One. In “A Lesson in Vengeance,” Guinevere and Morgana will try to carry out their plot against Arthur, and from the looks of the promo they are successful! But surely Arthur isn’t dying this week, so Merlin will probably figure out a way to save him. However, will he be able to save Gwen?

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Can you believe that we are already halfway through? Will this be the final year of Merlin? After seeing this interview with Bradley James (Arthur), we are officially worried.

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