Nickelodeon has added a new browser game based on The Legend of Korra to their website featuring simple but addictive gameplay and an adorable design.

A new Legend of Korra-based flash game has been added to The game, called Korra: Republic City Run, has a relatively simple gameplay and goal; players follow Korra as she runs through Republic City, helping her avoid Equalists while collecting yuans and extra powers. (Cabbage-busting is also included.) Equalists can be jumped over or defeated with blasts of bending – watch out for the marginally-grisly effects of firebending – and also have the power to electrocute Korra with their gloves. Korra can withstand three electrocutions, after which the game ends. Players are judged on distance traveled, and can use their yuans to “purchase” extra powers outside of the game, including Naga and sky-bison additions.

“Republic City Run” is neither complex or plot-based, but its play is just addictive enough to keep things fun. What makes the game more special is its aesthetic and design, which are produced in the exaggerated, ultra-cute Japanese chibi style. Chibi-Korra (previously seen in’s Super Mini Puzzle Heroes game) is pint-sized but perfectly detailed, and it’s pretty endearing to see our fierce and physically-fit Avatar chugging along on chubby little legs. The Equalists also benefit from the chibi design, and even their bug-eyed masks look cute in this style.

Three chibi-style mini-episodes were produced for Avatar: The Last Airbender, including the exquisitely hilarious “School Time Shipping”, which you can check out (or revisit) right here:

There are currently no plans to produce similar episodes for The Legend of Korra, but it’s nice to know that the designs are out there – who knows what might pop up on future DVDs? But in the meanwhile, you can give Korra: Republic City Run a shock shot right here.

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