With nearly nine seconds of new footage, Disney has released a sneak peek of the Iron Man 3 trailer that we’ll be seeing during the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Teasers of teasers! Yes, Disney has released a a 14 second trailer teaser of what we’ll be seeing of Iron Man 3 during the Super Bowl, which is just four days away. As part of what will be a massive marketing push leading up to Marvel’s next big film, the sneak peek at Marvel’s Iron Man 3 Super Bowl TV spot has just landed online. With a few seconds of new footage, it’s at least somewhat interesting to see that there are some new screen-caps to be had. We’ll have those up for you ASAP, as for now, check out the trailer teaser for Iron Man 3’s Super Bowl ad below:

Earlier today we reported that Entertainment weekly continues to bring us more Iron Man 3 exclusives from their extensive interview with Robert Downey Jr. and today he explained that Sir Ben Kingsley’s character, The Mandarin, will end up being a huge fan favorite. Make sure to check out our Iron Man 3 coverage and the latest interview from Robert Downey Jr and why he believes Sir Ben will “steal the film.”

Check out new stills from Iron Man 3 that are from the latest Super Bowl trailer teaser. The stills make it easier to catch small details, like the third person in the room when Tony and Pepper get an explosive surprise at their Malibu mansion, and the fact that the giant stuffed rabbit in the background (who, by the way, has his own Twitter account), has an arc reactor in its chest.

Excited for the new ‘Iron Man 3’ footage on Super Bowl Sunday?

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