New ‘Iron Fist’ trailer features kung-fu and familiar faces

Welcome home, Danny Rand.

11:38 am EDT, February 7, 2017

A new trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist heralds the arrival of the final Defender and a few familiar elements.

The official Iron Fist trailer sets the stage for Danny Rand’s return to New York City — clearly not an easy adjustment. In the opening moments of the trailer, Danny walks through Manhattan like a barefoot hippie, which is a bad idea no matter what your fists can do.

“I’m Danny Rand,” he tells the receptionist at Rand Enterprises. “I’ve been away a long time.”

Things go a bit downhill from there.

The new Iron Fist trailer offers up the high points of Danny’s backstory, and how he wound up raised by the monks of K’un Lun. The focus quickly shifts to the challenges Danny faces back in New York, which do not end with walking barefoot in Manhattan.

The trailer introduces Harold Meachum (David Wenham) and his family, who have taken control of Rand Enterprises. It’s clear that the Meachums are not thrilled by Danny’s apparent return from the dead — and that they have allegiances to darker forces at work in New York.

Such as the tiny badass Madam Gao, a recurring figure in Marvel’s Netflix series. “This city is no place for Danny Rand,” Gao tells Meachum.

Claire Temple also makes an appearance in the Iron Fist trailer, introduced alongside Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). A martial arts expert in her own right, Colleen tells Danny that he needs her.

Damn straight, Rand.

Peppered with glowing fists, martial arts, and several very sharp objects, the Iron Fist trailer suggests a fast-paced introduction for its quirky hero. And we can always count on Claire Temple to provide a little humor.

“I am the Iron Fist,” Danny says, solemnly.

“The hell does that mean?” Claire retorts.

As the trailer indicates, Marvel’s Iron Fist is the final individual Defender to hit the New York scene. The eight episode series The Defenders is due later this year, bringing New York’s hot-mess heroes together to battle the evil Sigourney Weaver.

Hey, as long as Claire Temple’s on their side, they’ve got a chance.

Marvel’s Iron Fist hits Netflix on March 17.

What has you buzzing in the ‘Iron Fist’ trailer?

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