10:45 am EDT, January 19, 2012

New ‘Harry Potter’ concept art shows plan for Rita Skeeter book signing, Nagini death, more

Concept art from the Harry Potter films is fun to look at considering the amount of precision and detail that goes into each piece.

Today a batch of new art has surfaced which shows filmmakers were planning at least a shot of Rita Skeeter at a Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore book signing. Plus, what may be plans for the way Voldemort would die.

Below are two images of a ghostly Voldemort heading up into the air. Update: As readers point out, this depicts Nagini following behind killed by Neville.

(Click for full size)

We also have views of Umbridge’s office door peephole (Moody’s eye) and Giants:

(Click for full size)

And finally, faces of various Giants you may’ve seen in the film if you look close enough:

[scrollGallery id=426 autoScroll=false thumbsdown=true]

Thanks to the good people at Harry Potter Forum (specifically Jason and UniversHarryPotter) for these!

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