8:40 am EDT, July 30, 2015

No, there are no new Harry Potter books coming: #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtag trolls the fandom

@Midnight‘s #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtag game has severely confused Harry Potter fans on Twitter.

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Yesterday, we brought you some of the fantastic #HarryPotterAMovie entries, from Twitter users who turned existing movie titles into Harry Potter movies, with hilarious results.

And today, Comedy Central’s @Midnight has launched another fun game: the #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtag!

…Except Twitter users all over the world are now freaking out about what they believe to be an announcement about new Harry Potter books. Chris Hardwick, we see what you did there.

So here comes a very important public service announcement:

J.K. Rowling has NOT announced any new Harry Potter books.

But clearly, not everyone watches @Midnight, because the hashtag page is full of people freaking out!

Here are some of the many, many responses to the #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtag, ranging from excited to outraged to heartbroken:

Sorry guys! At least we’ve got Fantastic Beasts to look forward to, right?

The hashtag is actually all about pairing Harry Potter up with other franchises for sequel titles. Let’s take a look at some of the great stuff people have been coming up with:

Did the #NewHarryPotterBooks hashtag have you fooled?

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