Watch these previews of New Girl 2×06 “Halloween” to see what horrors are heading to the roommates. We’ll give you a hint, the couples will each have their own scares!

In “Halloween” Jess will be working a new job at a haunted house as a zombie. When she learns something new about Sam, her feelings might start to change. While Cece is horrified to have matching costumes with Schmidt, Winston and Shelby will continue to struggle with their distance. In the meantime, Nick will be getting spooked by an old college crush.

It looks like Schmidt still isn’t handling Cece moving on very well. While out celebrating Halloween, Schmidt will be butting in on the couple’s time together. First, Schmidt jokes about the way Robby looks as he gets his costume ready. And even goes for a low blow, “You like charity Robby right? Yeah sure, like Cece dating you.” However, like the nice guy he is, Robby just laughs it off.

Later he decides to jump on the back of Cece’s horse while she’s on a merry-go-round with Robby. While he comments that Robby looks like the guy that shot Lennon, Robby comments that Cece and Schmidt look like a bride and groom!

The videos also give a sneak peek of Jess in her zombie costume for a haunted house. When she invites the guys to go there for free, it seems like Nick might be afraid of them! He also jokes that he’s kind of attracted to her costume of the undead.

In a bit of shocking news, Sam is a doctor! It seems like Jess’ hook-up buddy works in pediatrics. Maybe her bad guy is a good guy after all? When Jess comments that he cares for his patients, he tries to revert her attention back to his dirty ways! But Jess can’t stop smiling at a cute card he got from a patient. He warns her, “Don’t start thinking I’m some amazing guy.”

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