‘New Girl’ video: 2×05 ‘Models’ preview

11:30 am EST, October 22, 2012

Friendships are on the rocks in this preview for New Girl 2×05 “Models” as both the guys and girls are having to reexamine their friendships.

It looks as though Jess and Cece’s friendship might be on the rocks when it’s revealed that Jess is wondering if she’d still be friends with Cece if she met her now. Jess gets mad at Cece for being a model and the pair get into a boob fight (should be interesting to find out what that is). However, when Cece gets too hungover to work a modeling job Jess will stand in for her so she doesn’t get in trouble with the modeling agency. Plus Cece’s crazy model roommate is back!

The boys will be having some problems of their own. When Schmidt takes it upon himself to buy Nick a cookie it will have them examining their friendship. Nick gets weirded out when Schmidt is thinking about him enough to get him something for no reason. They will start looking at what’s okay and what’s not okay in the world of male friendships.

Plus a new spoiler from E! Online reveals that the show will be heading to a strip club. And it might not be who you’d expect! Nick will be heading to a strip club, however he won’t be too interested in the entertainment. This will cause some trouble when a dancer gets quite angry and decides that threatening him with a knife is in order. No word on what episode this will happen in!

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