One of the big questions on New Girl fans’ minds this season is when will Schmidt and Cece become romantically involved once more. The answer might be sooner than you think!

Max Greenfield revealed to us that Schmidt isn’t going to let Cece get away with her plan to have an arranged marriage. According to Greenfield, before Schmidt can go after Cece, he has to let their friendship reform. He explained, “I think it’s every time they kind of make up, they get back to, like — it seems as though he’ll go after her, he’ll totally screw it up, and then they’ll find a place in friendship, and once they get settled into like a normal friend/relationship, he feels the need to then go after her again.”

TV Line also spoke with show creator Liz Meriwether on the topic. She revealed that fans could see some progress in the relationship by the end of the second season. For the time being, Cece will continue on with her plan to have an arranged marriage, but Schmidt won’t stand by and watch. Meriwether spills, “She’s very much setting out for her mom to set up an arranged marriage for her. And Schmidt is dealing with that and trying to undermine her a little bit.”

Do you want to see Cece and Schmidt back together?

Photo credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

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