New Girl season 7 is going to be its last, and it’s also going to feature a big time jump! Here’s what we want to see in the series’ final season.

Rumor has it that New Girl creator Liz Meriwether pitched a big idea involving a time jump to make sure the show got a final season. It looks like Meriwether wants to send the show out with a big bang, featuring huge milestones for all the characters.

According to Deadline the show is going to jump three years into the future from when the season 6 finale took place. And that the finale season, which is said to be eight episodes, will take place over the course of another year.

Personally, I’m really excited for this concept. Since we only get one more season of the show I would love to see where the gang all ends up. So here is my wish list for the final season of New Girl.

Nick and Jess’ wedding:

Okay, so this is a little presumptuous, but really how can the show not have these two get married? Nick and Jess are the ultimate OTP and in order for my life to be complete I need to see their wedding.

An added bonus would be getting to see the proposal because I can just imagine it being all kinds of awkward, but the wedding is a MUST. I mean, seeing these two lay out all their feelings for each other in their vows? I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

Cece and Schmidt’s beautiful babies:

Since we’re doing a time jump, we won’t get to see Cece go through her pregnancy. But their storyline of becoming parents should still be a big part of the final season. It’s a big step for them — and the group.

Maybe they can make a joke out of it by having Cece pregnant with another baby in the time jump? Or a big milestone for one of their kids, like starting pre-school? I just want to see as much cuteness as possible and to see their family growing.

All about Winston:

Of all the characters, it always kind of feels like Winston doesn’t get his due amount of attention. His storylines tend to feel rushed or like they don’t get enough attention. It would be great to see Winston get the attention that he deserves in the final season, and there’s so much growth his character still has to do.

They could include storylines where Winston makes a big stride in his career, finally learn more about his father, or get his happily ever after with Aly. Seriously, if Aly isn’t in the finale I will rage. Since Winston grew up without his own father it would certainly be interesting to see him starting a family with Aly too. Even if they just show the couple learning they’re expecting.

Catch up with Coach:

Fans technically already had their goodbye with Coach, however, I still feel like he should be in the final season. After all, Coach was in the very first episode of New Girl. It just wouldn’t be complete if he wasn’t in the final season. Even if it’s just a quick appearance at an event, like Nick and Jess’s wedding. That way fans can truly get closure with all of the main characters that they fell in love with.

Saying goodbye to the loft:

New Girl has garnered comparisons to Friends since its start, and I can’t help thinking about how memorable the loft is just like Monica’s apartment. In order for fans to say goodbye properly to Friends, their had to be a goodbye to the apartment that was so prominently featured in the series.

Similarly, fans need to say goodbye to the loft that started it all for Nick, Schmidt, Winton, and Jess. The ultimate milestone for the group will be giving up the loft for good as they all move up in their lives.

What do you want to see in the final season of ‘New Girl’?

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