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‘New Girl’ season 7, episode 2 teasers: The gang takes one step forward, and two steps backward

By Sonya Field | Edited by Donya Abramo

New Girl season 7, episode 2 brings some woes for the group as they deal with the realities of their new lives. Get ready for the episode with these spoiler-free teases from “Tuesday Meeting.”

Nick’s career back peddles:

Remember last week how excited I was that Nick had made some major strides in his life, including his career as an author? Well that doesn’t last very long! In the second episode of the season, New Girl makes it clear that Nick doesn’t have everything figured out. When he starts having some issues with his writing, he’s quick to freak out.

Even though I liked seeing his successful author life, it still feels authentic to see this side of Nick. He struggles and is quick to try to get his friends to solve all his problems. It makes for a nice storyline in which Schmidt, Winston, and Nick can hang out and deal with the realities of how their lives have changed.


My favorite part of the episode is definitely Ruth, Cece and Schmidt’s daughter. While Cece is out at work, Schmidt is left to deal with Ruth — who is refusing to sleep. This makes for a very exhausted Schmidt who is trying desperately to get his daughter to sleep and help out Nick at the same time.

It makes for some very cute moments when it becomes apparent that Schmidt is such a good dad because he was always babying Nick from the start.

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I think New Girl has found some great ways to make the addition of Ruth play to the advantage of the storylines of the rest of the characters. It doesn’t feel like she’s an afterthought at all and the writers give her some great material. It’s relatable and hilarious to see Schmidt trying to juggle his social life and dad life.

Girl power:

While the guys are dealing with their own issues, Cece and Jess get together for lunch. Things take an interesting turn when Cece has to chug coffee while drinking wine in order to stay awake, thanks to Ruth’s sleeping issues. While Jess is fueled up with anger about how her new job from Russell is going.

It turns out, Russell is just giving her a bunch of busy work. Plus, Jess is upset that she knows Russell has meetings every Tuesday and never invites her. It brings up a whole lot of feelings about sexism in the workplace that Jess and Cece have had to deal with over the years. They end up getting very riled up and decide to do something about it!


Okay, I don’t have that much to say about Winston because he doesn’t have much to do in this episode!

After getting a great storyline in the season 7 premiere, his character’s journey falls flat in this episode. You’d think he’d be doing something related to Aly’s pregnancy, but instead he spends the episode popping up in places he shouldn’t be and just being silly.

It’s disappointing, if I’m being honest. I was so excited to see Winston have some real purpose this season. Instead, he’s back to being a one-note character in episode two. Hopefully things will pick up next episode for him because there’s not that much time left!

‘New Girl’ season 7, episode 2, ‘Tuesday Meeting,’ airs on April 17 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox!

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