New Girl season 6 kicked off a bit more serious than normal, but with the familiar silly characters fans are used to.

‘New Girl’ season 6 premiere recap:

Last season fans saw Cece and Schmidt officially tie the knot and become husband and wife. Presumably they’re all grown up now, except that they still live in the loft and have roommates. That’s something they’re quickly trying to change though, and have been house hunting with the help of Aly’s real estate agent sister Leslie.

Unfortunately for Schmidt and Cece, Leslie is actually the worst real estate agent ever. She somehow thought that they were looking at a house for sale and had made an offer on it, but the house was never actually for sale. Cece and Schmidt come to this hilarious conclusion when the real owner of the house tries to chase them away from the property with a bat!


This seems to be the final straw for Cece and Schmidt. They’re serious about wanting to move forward with their own lives together, but their roommates keep butting into the situation. They just want to fire Leslie, but Winston wants to do it in his own way. On top of that, Jess decides that she needs to take charge of the house hunting. Exactly the opposite of what her friends want.

Jess appears to be completely oblivious to her friends’ wishes. She’s so caught up in trying to keep herself busy and thoughts of Nick away that she doesn’t stop to actually listen to what Cece is saying. When Cece and Schmidt try to go to an open house by themselves, Jess follows anyway.


Even though they love the house, Jess isn’t a big fan of it. She does point out that it’s way out of budget. They decide to go to the bank and request a bigger loan, instead of viewing fixer-uppers like Jess suggests. This is perhaps the only good suggestion she’s made to Cece and Schmidt today, but the way she does it so forcefully is what seems to turn them off from the idea.

When Jess finally does give Cece and Schmidt some space, she goes back to the loft to find Nick is there. Panic ensues, especially when he says that he has something important to tell her. Coming up with an awful lie, Jess rushes out of the loft and flees to the bank to get Cece.


Finally, Jess admits to Cece and Schmidt that she still has feelings for Nick. That means she can’t handle being near him. In order to get a bigger loan, though, Schmidt asked Nick to come to the bank and sign off the bar as collateral. Jess continues to try to hide from Nick, which makes a bank representative believe that he’s about to get robbed.

Somehow, Nick doesn’t notice Jess even though she’s barely a few feet away, hiding. The bank representatives can’t even believe this group of silly adults is getting a loan. Reality hits when Cece and Schmidt see just how much that bigger loan is going to cost them.


While Cece and Schmdit try to make a decision on the house, Jess heads back to the loft to talk to Nick. She knows that it will be impossible to avoid him forever. Winston kind of helps her ease into it, but in the end it’s Jess and Nick’s bond that helps make everything better.

Nick is so grateful to Jess for her support. His summer with Regan was great, and he even got around to finishing the novel he always talked about. The important thing he had to tell Jess was that he dedicated the book to her! Of course Nick has no idea that Jess has been in turmoil all summer, but none of that seems to matter right now.

New Girl_S6-601-Jess

To wrap up the episode with more good feelings, Cece and Schmidt tell everyone they’ve bought a house! It’s not the overly expensive one they were looking at, but it is a fixer upper that Jess found. It’s a total wreck, but they’re all excited to work on it together. The friends start demo right away and discover a hidden fireplace.

Although the group of friends is growing up and taking on some more serious topics, like house hunting, the series still feels familiar. The characters are the same, just older, and a bit wiser (but not by much). They’re starting to grow into their own lives but are still comfortable leaning on one another for help when needed.

Extras from ‘New Girl’ season 6 premiere:

  • One of Jess’ hobbies over the summer was working out and she’s now super strong.
  • Leslie tries to talk Winston into buying a boat, and apparently it’s the third time he’s had to cancel a boat purchase.
  • Ferguson has several scenes in the episode and I love all of them.

What did you think of the ‘New Girl’ season 6 premiere?

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