The New Girl season 6 finale is meant to act as the series finale if it’s not renewed, but too bad it opens up more storylines than it resolves.

Back in March, Jake Johnson sent the fandom into a frenzy when he revealed that the show’s fate was uncertain. Since they didn’t know whether or not there would be another season, they wrote the season 6 finale in a way that it could act as the ending for the series. I had some serious doubts about how this would play out, and I’m not surprised that my concerns were valid.

The success of this episode hinges on whether or not it is actually the series finale. As far as a season finale goes, it was great. It was adorable, fun, and left me excited for what could come next. That’s just the thing, though: if there isn’t another season coming, then fans will be disappointed. Rather than wrap things up, the New Girl season 6 finale opened the door for more to happen. It didn’t feel like things were being finalized at all.

‘New Girl’ season 6 finale recap / review

The first big reveal of the episode is that Cece is pregnant. The way they show it is super cute: Cece had an OBGYN visit with Sadie (played by June Diane Raphael), who is also their friend. Afterwards, Sadie calls her cell phone, but Jess picks it up and finds out the news that Cece is pregnant. Wanting her friend to get the news from Sadie, Jess tells her to call back and pretend it never happened. But when Sadie calls back, Aly picks up and hears the news. Winston then calls Schmidt to tell him, so basically everyone found out before Cece.

Instead of getting mad, though, Schmidt is just excited and also a little in awe. He ends up buying a bunch of flowers for Cece and surprising her at home with the news. She has much of the same reaction and isn’t even upset about her friends knowing before she did. So now Cece and Schmidt are in their first home about to have their first baby. It’s cute and lovely, but it doesn’t feel like their end. New Girl is often compared to Friends, and the latter didn’t end when the characters started having kids.

The second big reveal was that Aly hunted down the information for Winston’s father. It was recently revealed that he was a cop, just like Winston, and that’s why his mom didn’t want him in the profession. Aly knew that Winston wanted to find his dad, so she did the work for him and got a phone number. Winston does end up calling his dad, but he has to leave a message. Aly also just moved into the loft, and they still have a wedding to plan. There’s plenty of story left to tell on Winston’s end.

The final big reveal is Nick and Jess getting back together. It pretty much went how I was expecting, and they continued to dance around each other until the end of the episode. Separately, they both came to the conclusion that they wanted to be back together, but it took some help from their friends.

They even end up running up and down the loft looking for each other in a little homage to their relationship over the past few seasons. Fans don’t even get to see them talking about their feelings. Just Nick shouting to a delivery man that he’s about to tell his best friend that he’s in love with her only to find Jess right behind him. Then the last shot of the episode is them making out on the elevator.

Once again, it’s cute and fluffy, and I love it. But I’m not satisfied with that as the ending to the series. Nick and Jess have been at this will they/won’t they since the start of the show, and it doesn’t feel right for it to end that way.

Nick touched on it a little bit early on in the episode: he and Jess are so different and it pulled them apart once before. In order for their story to really be told, fans need to see them working as a couple. A kiss isn’t enough; fans need to see their relationship play out for real like Cece and Schmidt’s.

I probably speak for the fandom when I say that if this was the season finale, then I loved it, but if it’s the series finale, then I’m very upset.

What did you think of the ‘New Girl’ season 6 finale?

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