New Girl could be ending this season, but fans probably won’t be as okay with it as star Jake Johnson thinks.

New Girl star Jake Johnson blew up the fandom when he commented that the series might not be renewed, leaving the season 6 finale as the series finale. He stated that Fox wouldn’t tell them whether or not the show was receiving a finale so they were preparing just in case. “We shot a finale where, if this was the end, the core fan base would be OK,” Johnson said.

But will the fandom be okay with the show ending so suddenly? I highly doubt it. The biggest storyline that show has left to resolve is Jess and Nick’s relationship. Since the pair split up fans have been wondering how long they would be apart. New Girl seems to have been slowing preparing the two to come back together, but it has yet to happen.

Presumably, when Johnson says that fans will be okay with the ending if it does end up being the season 6 finale is that something big is going to happen between Nick and Jess. And a certain behind the scenes image of Johnson and Zooey Deschanel has fans assuming that there will be a big moment between the two involving a kiss. Assuming that this is true, fans won’t see the two together until what might be the last episode ever of New Girl.

It’s safe to assume that fans will love what happens, since they’ve been so anxious to see Jess and Nick back together. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll be okay with it being the final episode. Yes, they want to see romance between Nick and Jess but just seeing them reunite in that way won’t be enough.


From the beginning of the series it was obvious that Jess and Nick’s chemistry was off the charts. Even when the writers weren’t trying to pair them up as a couple it just seemed to happen. They’ve always been supportive of one another, have fun together, and deeply care about each other.

Yet, when they finally became an official couple in season two, they started having issues. Nick and Jess as a couple weren’t as good as they had been as friends that were attracted to each other. All sorts of issues arose and it became clear that their priorities were just too different and it didn’t make sense for them to stay together.

Time has passed since then and both Nick and Jess have done lots of growing up. Nick will never be the most put together guy but he’s come a long way since he was last dating Jess. He’s finally finished and starting selling his first novel, he bought the bar and is running it with Schmidt, and overall has matured emotionally.

Yet, instead of going back to Jess he has spent the last season involved with Megan Fox’s character Reagan. Nick’s relationship with Reagan has only helped show that Nick and Jess belong together. Currently, they’re still not communicating their feelings properly though and are at a point where things are going to have change.

In the most recent episode, Jess left a trip that she was on with Nick and Reagan to go stay with her Dad in order to avoid them. It was just too much seeing them together. Whenever Reagan isn’t around, and sometimes when she is, Jess is pretty much taking on the role as the girlfriend without the actual title and she’s tired of it. But Nick immediately felt her absence and he’s basically lost without her.


It seems pretty obvious that the writers are setting up Nick and Jess to get together quite soon, but until he breaks up with Reagan that can’t happen. With the season finale quickly approaching, there just can’t be much time for the show to properly work through them getting back together. Assuming that in the season 6 finale Nick and Jess finally admit that they want to be a couple again, fans will get to see the big moment that they’ve been waiting for. Instead of being okay with that being the ending though, they will only want more.

The last time Nick and Jess got together, it was amazing and left fans feeling euphoric. Once the real world started to tear them apart though, it was worrying and awful. Fans are sure that Nick and Jess need to be together, but they also want to be reassured that they’re good together. More than just seeing them kiss and proclaim their love, fans want to see them functioning in a healthy relationship.

Schmidt and Cece are a good example of this, they went through their rough times and now fans are getting to see how they have committed to making things work. Fans will want the same thing with Nick and Jess, they want to see how Nick and Jess will work through all of the things that broke them up before but to conquer them together this time. We deserve to see Nick and Jess grow up together as a couple and start their life with commitment. Now that Winston and Aly are engaged, and Schmidt and Cece have their first house together it’s like fans are just missing the same thing from Nick and Jess.

So, no, fans won’t be okay with New Girl ending at season 6. It’s comforting that the writers are trying to make sure it will be enjoyable if there isn’t a renewal but it won’t make it any easier for Nick and Jess fans. At the very least, there would need to be another season for the stories to get wrapped up properly. Here’s hoping that Fox doesn’t axe New Girl prematurely.

What would you want to see on ‘New Girl’ before it ends?

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