9:55 pm EST, December 2, 2014

‘New Girl’ season 4, episode 10 recap: Talk with your fist

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A handbag caused a big rift tonight on New Girl season 4, episode 10, “Girl Fight.” Read our recap here!

Nick is getting ready for his date with Kai, which means that he’s freaking out just a little bit. Unfortunately for him, Jess and Cece have taken over the kitchen table to get ready for Nadia’s baby shower.

When Jess sees how Schmidt and Coach get over their arguments (by hitting each other), it brings up a recent fight between her and Cece. At a sale they both wanted the same purse but they decided that neither one of them would buy it. Until Schmidt reveals it’s in Jess’ closet. So Cece abruptly leaves, and now they’re in a girl fight.

Schmidt doesn’t understand girls as well as Coach does, who has three sisters. Even though Coach warns him not to get in the middle of a girl fight he doesn’t listen. They go into Jess’ room to see her holding the purse. According to Jess, her whole friendship with Cece is based on being passive aggressive, which is why she can’t apologize for the purse or bring it up. But it means three days without Cece and that is something that Schmidt just can’t stand for.

The first date with Kai is very awkward at first. Until they both talk about how much they hate dates. Even though Kai is kind of weird she’s also kind of perfect for Nick. They both like to lay around and do nothing, which is how their first date turns into three days.

Winston gets worried that Kai might be homeless. Obviously, Nick doesn’t know how to handle the situation. So he rambles about all of the stuff that he has. But when they go to her apartment, Nick finds out that Kai is actually rich. When he says that he has to leave for work, she gives him the money he’d make at the bar so he can stay. Looks like Nick found a sugar momma.

After the usual three day wait, Jess goes to buy Cece a latte. What’s shocking is that Cece somehow has the purse that they’re fighting over. As it turns out, Schmidt stole the purse for Cece. Their fight turns cellular when they start using emojis in a way that neither Schmidt or we can understand.

When Jess heads to the baby shower and has a stare-down with Cece, Schmidt freaks out and calls Coach. By the time Coach gets there, they’re crying about every fight that they ever had and didn’t talk about. Coach’s solution: punch each other. The baby shower breaks out into a royal rumble with all the girls fighting.

Later, at the hospital, recovering, Jess and Cece are able to laugh at all of their battle wounds. They decide that punching it out really does work. And they’re still each other’s favorite person.

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