Executive producer Dave Finkel is setting the record straight on the New Girl season 3 plans for a Coach reunion and what that will mean for Winston.

Ever since ABC decided to drop Happy Endings, fans have wondered whether or not they would see Coach make a return to the loft. Finkel reveals to International Business Times that he hasn’t discussed the plans for New Girl season 3 with fellow executive producers Brett Baer and Elizabeth Meriwether yet. However, he doesn’t see Nick, Schmidt, Jess, and Winston getting a new roommate.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t see Coach at all next season. Finkel expressed great enthusiasm for having Damon Wayans Jr. make an appearance. “We’d love to have him back for at least an episode,” Finkel said. “Not sure what his schedule is. It would be silly not to try.”

Some fans have expressed frustrations with Coach’s replacement character Winston. When Damon Wayans Jr. couldn’t return to New Girl, the show had to quickly come up with a replacement. According to Finkel it’s taken them time to grow Winston’s character and figure him out.

While the other stars of the show had months to work together and go through readings, Lamorne Morris didn’t. However, he’s anticipating having a better handle on the character. Finkel explains, “Now we know him, it’s much more easy to figure out, and I think we’re slowly figuring it out along the way.”

What would you like to see for Coach and Winston in ‘New Girl’ season 3?

Photo credit: Justin Stephens/FOX

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