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‘New Girl’ shippers, prepare yourselves: Ness is coming

It feels like Nick and Jess shippers have been waiting forever for them to get back together, and it might finally be happening on New Girl.

At the start of New Girl season 5, it seemed like Nick and Jess were becoming close again. Being the maid of honor and best man meant working together for Cece and Schmidt’s wedding. Nick was starting to work on himself, taking on more responsibility, and even becoming part owner of the bar. Then Jess left for jury duty and Reagan happened. They ended up growing crushes on one another and it was not good news for Jess and Nick shippers.

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Luckily, it was only a matter of time before Reagan left. However, it seems like she left a lasting effect. Neither Jess nor Nick have seemed interested in working on becoming closer, and in fact they haven’t spent all that much time together at all. The most interaction fans got to see between them was when Jess tried to resolve the ill feelings between Nick and Sam. It didn’t go very well, because Sam is clearly jealous of Nick and for very good reason.

When Nick and Jess first got together, Jess was actually still kind of involved with Sam. Of course, Nick had to remind us how wonderful his time with Jess was. He didn’t want to apologize because he didn’t have any regrets. Well played, Nick. Still, instead of remembering what drew Jess to Nick at that time, she ended up chasing after Sam. Now they’re back together and shippers aren’t very happy with that.

There is a silver lining, though! It’s plausible that the writers purposely brought Sam back in so that Jess could have some time with him before turning to Nick. Actually, it doesn’t seem like fans will have to wait very long at all to see Jess and Nick growing close once again. In the episode synopsis for New Girl 5×15, Jess can’t deny her attraction to Nick despite being with Sam.

The New Girl 5×15, “Jeff Day/Helmet,” synopsis reads:

“Jess invents a male alter ego, “Jeff Day,” in order to buy a new car from a sexist salesman, but her plan backfires when both Nick and Sam (guest star David Walton) arrive at the dealership pretending to be him. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece panic when Winston decides to bring his new prankster girlfriend, Rhonda (guest star Sonequa Martin-Green) as his plus one to their wedding. Then, despite being happy with Sam (guest star David Walton), Jess confesses to Cece that she had a sex dream about Nick. And Schmidt attempts to help Winston land Furguson a cat audition when he finds out Aly’s (guest star Nasim Pedrad) boyfriend (guest star Kal Penn) is a talent agent for pets in the all-new, special one-hour “Jeff Day/Helmet” episode of ‘New Girl’ airing Tuesday, April 19 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.”

Stills from the episode also make it seem like the pair will be spending lots of time together. Is that more jealousy we see from Sam as well?

New Girl 5x18 Nick and Jess

New Girl 5x15 1

New Girl 5x15 2

New Girl 5x15 3

It’s not clear if anything will actually happen between Nick and Jess, but the writers are definitely teasing Nick/Jess shippers. These two have been going back and forth for quite some time since they ended things, so it’s totally possible that it will continue on that way. For the sake of the shippers, though, I hope that Nick and Jess are much closer to getting back together after these events. I’m not sure how much more they can take!

Another thing to consider is that since New Girl has been renewed for a sixth season, the writers might end up leaving fans with a cliffhanger. Perhaps we’ll see Jess and Nick having to make a decision about their relationship in the season finale?

What do you think will happen between Nick and Jess on ‘New Girl’ 5×15?

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