12:00 pm EDT, January 15, 2015

Jess and Ryan’s relationship on ‘New Girl’: Believable or not?

Jess and Ryan took a major leap in their relationship on New Girl season 4, episode 13, “Coming out.” But are fans convinced this is the real deal?

We usually don’t get too deep into analyzing the plot line on New Girl but something has really been bothering us that we’ve seen this weeks episode. On New Girl season 4, episode 13, “Coming Out,” a turn of events caused Jess to proclaim her love for Ryan in front of their co-workers. She seemed stunned to have said it, and Ryan seems equally surprised to hear it. But nonetheless exchanged the same feelings.

We don’t take issue with the way the scene was set up, what is bothering us is that their relationship doesn’t seem to have enough substance for us to believe that these feelings are real. Don’t misunderstand us, we’re not suggesting that Jess is lying to Ryan. But this is her first real relationship after Nick and perhaps it just looking for a love to replace that of Nick’s.

As a fan of the show, viewers want to feel the same butterflies that their character is feeling. And that just hasn’t been happening. Sure, we get Jess’ attraction to Ryan (played by the always handsome Julian Morris). We even get that they’re basically the same person and so they always get along. But where is the chemistry that fans are craving? Sorry Fox, we’re just not buying it.

Just because Ryan and Jess’s relationship doesn’t feel believable, that doesn’t mean she needs to be with Nick. Fans would just like to see Jess set up with someone who will make scenes sizzle. And they don’t want to see her rushing into anything so serious as a love declaration when she should really still be getting over Nick.

We do want to note that we’re sure some fans out there actually appreciate Jess and Ryan together, and probably have no idea what we’re talking about. But there definitely are fans who don’t understand the relationship. And even more who just want Nick and Jess back together. We actually think the pair should stay apart a bit longer. As fun as they are together, we like them as friends too.

What do you think of Jess and Ryan on ‘New Girl’?

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