Remember Dr. Sadie from New Girl season 1? She’s making her way back to the show this season in an interesting episode arc.

In speaking with Advocate, Jake Johnson spilled the beans that June Diane Raphael would be back to make a guest appearance on New Girl. In case you’ve forgotten, Raphael played Dr. Sadie, who is Jess’ lesbian friend who also happens be a gynecologist. We were first introduced to Dr. Sadie in episode 1×11 “Jess and Julia” when she listens to Jess complain about Nick’s new girlfriend. We next saw her in episode 1×15 when the roommates decide to play a game of football that ends when Jess tackles Nick and he hurts his back. Unfortunately, Nick doesn’t have health insurance so Jess takes him to the only doctor she knows… Dr. Sadie the gynecologist.

Johnson revealed that Dr. Sadie will be involved in a big storyline about a lesbian couple, fertility, and aging. Speaking about gay characters on the hit sitcom Johnson said, “Liz Meriwether is so open and doesn’t see a divide between the straight and gay communities, so she’s all about gay characters just naturally being a part of the landscape of our show. And if we continue to move forward with the show, I can guarantee there will be a lot more gay characters.”

It sounds like Raphael will have a bigger role in the series this time around. Are you excited to see her return to New Girl?

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