New Girl show runner Liz Meriwether is giving up the juicy details about the guest appearance of Rob Reiner, Jamie Lee Curtis and Olivia Munn!

Rob Reiner (Bob) and Jaime Lee Curtis (Joan) will be playing the divorced parents of Jess. During the Thanksgiving episode, Jess will have them both over at the loft and will attempt a parent-trap inspired plan to get them back together. Meriwether gushed to The Hollywood Reporter how excited she was to have Reiner on her set, “I was trying to play it cool, but every time I was around him, I was shaking a little bit! The things that he’s done are so unbelievable. One of those moments where I know I’m gonna be thinking back to this, years from now.”

Meriwether divulged that much of Curtis’ material was written by the actress herself. Meriwether explained, “She’s such a smart, creative person — a lot of the jokes from that episode were things that we came up with together, that she would email me.” It was also revealed that Cece will be yelling at Joan in the episode! What could that be about?

Right now the show is filming episodes with Olvia Munn, who will be appearing as a new love interest for Nick. However, there’s a twist this time! Munn’s character is also a stripper, which is completely out of Nick’s character. Meriwether also teases that Munn’s character is a “no bullshit-type.” It was also recently revealed that Nick will get threatened by a stripper with a knife after she gets annoyed with him. Meriwether also said, “we actually just shot this huge stripper fight last night and she got hit in the face! She’s fine, but she’s just an amazing actress to throw herself into that -– hair-pulling with two strippers in the middle of the night.” It sounds like Nick’s new girlfriend will at least be standing up for him.

Who are you most excited to see appear on New Girl?

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