Sam and Jess are taking a second shot at their relationship in New Girl, 5×15, “Jeff Day.” But can Nick and Sam get along? Find out with our exclusive sneak peek!

With all the tension between Nick and Sam, it’s no surprise they quickly butt heads in New Girl, 5×15, “Jeff Day.” Of course, since it’s an argument between guys, it has to be over something silly, like who is allowed to give a dude pass.

Instead of helping Jess, Sam gets offended when Nick offers her a dude pass. Then the insults just start flying while Jess is stuck between the two, looking both frustrated and in awe at their argument. Funnily enough, some of Nick’s insults sound more like compliments. Maybe the jealousy goes both ways with these two?

In the episode we’ll also see these two fighting to help Jess trick a car salesman. Jess comes up with the plan to create a male alter ego who she names Jeff Day. Her plan, however, gets tricky when both Nick and Sam show up pretending to be Jeff. Clearly, they won’t be ending their rivalry anytime soon. If anything it will probably only heat up more when Sam realizes that Nick will always be there for Jess.

Since fans are being treated to back-to-back episodes, we’ll also get to see what happens when Jess has a sex dream about Nick. Surely this rivalry between Nick and Sam has something to do with her having the dream? Get more details on the episode here!

As if fans needed any more reasons to get excited for this episode, Sonequa Martin-Green from The Walking Dead will also be appearing to play Winston’s new girlfriend! Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this episode.

‘New Girl’ will air its one hour special on April 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox!

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