Watch sneak peeks from New Girl episode 2×23 “Virgins” to get a look at the flashbacks featured in the episode.

New Girl returns Tuesday with a series of flashbacks from the room mates in episode 2×23 “Virgins.” Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece decide to relive the embarrassing tales of how they each lost their virginity. The stories will have them realizing just how their first times affect their relationships today.

The sneak peeks below give fans a look at a portion of the flashbacks:

The roommates and Cece decide to find out who had the worst experience losing their virginity.

Jess tells the guys about Teddy and how disastrous her first attempt at losing her virginity went.

When Jess flashes back about a dreamy guy from her high school Nick seems to get a bit jealous.

Jess explains why she didn’t lose her virginity on prom night. Cece reveals she lost hers on prom night.

Walter decides to help Winston and Nick lose their virginity’s in a way only a conman can deem proper.

Winston is in denial about who he lost his virginity to.

Nick and Schmidt have an awkward talk about sex back in their college days.

How do you think the rest of Nick, Schmidt, Cece, Jess, and Winston’s stories will go on the ‘Virgins’ episode of ‘New Girl’?

Photo credit: Sam Urdank/FOX

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