5:45 pm EDT, September 9, 2015

First look: Apple’s iOS 9.1 will add taco, Sherlock, and middle finger emojis to iPhone

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As if Apple didn’t wow us enough by announcing a Harry Potter-like feature in the new iPhone this morning, they also revealed a slew of new emojis coming to iOS 9.1 today.

iOS 9 will arrive next week and boasts a bunch of new features, but no new emojis. Thankfully, new emojis are coming in the next update in a couple of months.

App developers were given access to iOS 9.1 today, and it includes a slew of new emojis. The Next Web browsed through the updated catalogue and found a bunch of interesting additions, including a taco, a burrito, a block of cheese, a turkey, a unicorn, a middle finger, and what we’re going to call the Sherlock emoji.

Below is a screen cap from The Next Web. They mistakenly included some old emojis in their list (the castle emoji has been around for a while, guys — DUH), but there are clearly lots of new ones to pick from:


They also spotted — drum roll, please! — the middle finger emoji:


The list of new emojis goes on and on: There’s an upside-down smiley, a coffin, a medal, a hockey stick, a money tongue, a nerd face, a shooting star, a crab, a cute lion, a robot, a desert landscape, a beach landscape, railroad tracks, chains, a bed, and a map. In other words, there’s lots of new ways to communicate without using actual words.


Hints of new emojis on the horizon arrived in June when The Emoji President of the Universe* proclaimed that 37 new emojis will be supported by all devices in the near future. Apple’s iPhone may be the first out of the gate, but we expect Android and sites like Twitter and Facebook to add the new emojis sooner rather than later. Otherwise, sending your friends tacos and middle fingers will be restricted to iPhone.

Which emoji will quickly jump to the top of your favorites?

Apple hasn’t shared a release date for iOS 9.1, but we expect it to be out sometime this fall.

*Our fancy name for the Unicode Consortium, which is not a fancy name.

Source: The Next Web

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