Warm up your fingers! Sixty-nine (giggity) new emoji are arriving in summer 2017, and the new characters joining your keyboard are sure to receive frequent use.

Wanna talk about the latest Walking Dead? Use the new zombie emojis. Wanna make predictions about Disney’s upcoming live-action Little Mermaid? Use the mermaid emojis. Need a friend to keep a secret? Use the new “shhhh” emoji. Want to let your friend know you need to go breastfeed little Arnold? There’s an emoji for that, too.

Other new emojis include a pretzel, a brain, an orange heart, genies, yoga participants, shower takers, a woman wearing a headscarf, a UFO, dinosaurs, and a pie.

Check out photos of the new emojis below:

New Emoji 2017 list photos

Emojipedia, who brings us the first look, warns that these designs are early previews, so their exact designs may change.

Phone operating systems like Android and iOS will have to be updated with the new emoji before you can start using them. For Apple users, you should expect them with iOS 11 later this year.

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