To be precise, we suppose this is the Doctor Who team finding the Doctor a new fez since the original was destroyed by River Song.

In this first clip the Doctor is back from what appears to be an extended stay with the Headless Monks, who unsurprisingly are not a lot of fun. He then tears the TARDIS apart looking for his clothes and in short order finds his fez and signature bow tie.

Just in case you can’t quite recall what happened to the old fez, the video below shows its destruction.

The BBC also took the odd step of releasing on US iTunes a video that explains a gaping plothole: Strax being resurrected after being fatally shot at Demon’s Run, and how he hooks up with Vastra and Jenny in Victorian England.

What’s even particularly bizarre, is the fact that there is no mention of this material in either the BBC America or the BBC U.K. Doctor Who websites, and their social media arms of Facebook and Twitter don’t mention this new content either. In fairness, the BBC America site often lags in content when it comes to Doctor Who with much of the U.K. content never appearing on the U.S. site.

Regardless, it’s all a bit baffling for fans who can’t grasp why the BBC team can’t release all content to all groups equally as the U.K. fans are just as interested in this Strax and Vastra tidbit as their American counterparts.

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