6:00 pm EST, July 4, 2014

New ‘Doctor Who’ teaser hints at Davros’ return

The BBC have just released yet another Doctor Who teaser. Could Davros be making a comeback?

Who could possibly be more chilling than the Doctor’s old nemesis, Davros, the founder of the Dalek Empire. His cold-blooded creations had their origins back in the era of the 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker, and they have returned ever since. Along with the Cybermen, they are the most prolific of the Doctor’s enemies.

Davros was last seen back in the 10th Doctor’s era in the episode “The End of Time.” Davros arguably gave Donna Noble her finest hour as a companion when she all but single-handedly defeated this long-term nemesis of the Doctor’s when she was the infamous Doctor/Donna. Sadly, as fans know, despite Donna’s brilliance in this battle, it ultimately led to her end as a companion.

In the latest teaser, viewers can clearly see what looks like a Dalek ship attacking the inner core of the Tardis. The attack rays then extend to Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor where he is “lit up” in almost a pseudo-electrocution the way Dalek victims have been in the reboot era. As the imagery progresses, an eerie voice, not unlike that of Davros, is heard stating, “I see into your soul, Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred!”

We already know that the Cybermen will be making an appearance this year. Having the additional threat of the Daleks along with Davros would certainly up the ante. The only thing that would make this battle of archenemies more complete would be the return of The Master along with Rassilon and the Time Lords as a race.

Many are speculating that all of the above is now possible since it is likely there has been a universe reset of sorts given what happened in the “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor” and the 2013 “Doctor Who Christmas Special.”

Do you want to see a return of Davros?

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