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What to know about the ‘Doctor Who’ season 11 companion actors

New Doctor Who is just around the corner!

The fandom has barely heard and seen Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, but we already know so much about her as an actress and feminist. Season 11 is bringing in three new companions — Ryan (Tosin Cole), Yasmin (Mandip Gill), and Graham (Bradley Walsh) and many fans are unfamiliar with the actors taking on the role of a lifetime.

They are already jumping on the convention circuits and will likely become people we grow to know and love, but it’s always good to find out how they made it into the Whoniverse.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Doctor Who companion actors:

Tosin Cole

Tosin has a theater background and was in a 2009 production called Wasted!, which is a fresh take on Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar. He also portrayed Noah Achebe on the BBC teen series The Cut and had a long-term role on a British soap opera called Hollyoaks.

He even made a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Lt. Bastian. Recently, he appeared in Netflix’s controversial Greek letter organization pledging movie Burning Sands.

The 26-year-old South London native revealed to Radio Times that he is a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan and he usually doesn’t watch himself onscreen.

But, he’s thinking about making an exception and checking out season 11 with his family. Tosin thought his audition went “okay” but it must have been great because he obviously got the gig!

In a 2017 profile with GUAP, he said becoming an actor was his greatest accomplishment and it was an honor to do something he loves. Now, he’s going to skyrocket into international super-stardom as a Doctor Who companion.

Mandip Gill

Mandip and Tosin have a few past things in common, including backgrounds in theatre. She was also on Hollyoaks as Phoebe Jackson in 2012 and went on to have recurring roles in Cuckoo, Doctors, and The Good Karma Hospital.

Mandip is making major history on Doctor Who as the first companion of South Asian descent and recently celebrated India’s Independence Day on Twitter. She LOVES checking out shows on Netflix UK and admitted a love for Tupperware and Cadbury creme eggs to her Twitter followers.

She’s equally as cheeky on Instagram, where she often posts self-deprecating memes about having dark eye circles from perpetual tiredness, eating unhealthy snacks, and struggling with adulting at 30. It’s official — Mandip is one of us.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley is coming into the companion role as an older male — a rarity in Doctor Who.

He watched the show as a child but Bradley has been pretty busy his entire life as an actor, comedian, and former professional footballer (read: soccer player) who has been seen on popular British shows like the long-running soap opera Coronation Street and Law & Order UK.

The funny man also briefly took his talents to the game show world on shows like The Chase. As expected, his resume runs deeper than his younger counterparts.

Bradley played center forward for several football teams from 1978-1982 and was still active in the sport as a coach back in 2016. He also had the biggest-selling album by a British artist in 2016 with Chasing Dreams, a compilation of jazz, musical theater, and swing music standards, per Digital Spy.

Hopefully, Graham will be as talented and interesting as Bradley.

His TV career kicked off in the mid-’90s and his companion role won’t be the first time he has appeared in the Doctor Who universe. Ten years ago, he popped up in two episodes of The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures (“The Day of the Clown”) as a scary antagonist with three different personalities.

Prior to being cast on Doctor Who, Bradley wasn’t a social media person. But, he joined the Instagram world and posts funny videos of him singing random songs on his way to work! It’s impossible to watch his videos and not crack a smile at the 58-year-old living his best life on the ‘gram.

As you can see, the actors behind the upcoming companions all have interesting backgrounds and different personalities. It remains to be seen how much they have in common with their characters and how this full TARDIS team will work, but knowing a bit more about the actors makes their official debut even more exciting.

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