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‘New Adventures of Peter + Wendy’ season 2 keeps the magic alive

The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy season 2 has premiered, bringing back everything we love from season 1 while putting our favorite characters in new situations.

About ‘The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy’

New Adventures of Peter + Wendy

New Adventures continues to be a bright spot in the web series world. Its fresh take on an old tale breathes new life into the story. When coupled with the genuinely lovable characters, a fantastic wardrobe, and a perfect balance of heart and humor, it’s no wonder this series is so addicting.

The story begins in season 1, where we meet Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, best friends who live in the town of Neverland, Ohio. Joining the crew are Wendy’s siblings, John and Michael Darling, plus Lily and, of course, Tinkerbell. Over the course of 24 episodes, we see Peter and Wendy grow, come together, and drift apart again.

About season 2

New Adventures Wendy

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Season 2 of the web series begins with Wendy in the big city, starting a career at JH Media away from her friends, family, her hometown, and the little family newspaper she used to be a part of. While her sights are set on bigger and better things than Neverland, Ohio, it seems like it still feels as if something is missing.

Meanwhile, back in Neverland, Peter Pan has “moved on” and the Darlings are coping with a life without Wendy. It seems strange to see the gang so far apart, but everyone has to grow up and move on eventually, right?

Season 2 also introduced such new characters as Jas Hook, George Darling, Billie Jukes, and John Smee.

‘New Adventures’ season 2 review…so far

Season 2 premiered on June 12, and as of the time of this writing, only four episodes have been released. The next is due out June 19, which feels like it’s eons away. But we all know it’ll be worth it if Hook gets his comeuppance and Wendy and Peter are reunited.

The casting

New Adventures Hook

One of the highlights of season 2 so far is, without a doubt, the casting. Not only do you have Jim Beaver (Supernatural) as Mr. Darling, but you have Percy Daggs III (Veronica Mars) as James “Jas” Hook. Filling out the ranks are Meghan Camarena as Billie Jukes, who brings spunk and a little attitude to the role, and Satya Bhabha as Smee, who is equal parts bumbling and adorable.

Each new face inhabits their roles as easily as the original crew. Hook was, of course, a necessary addition to the story, and we can’t wait to see in which direction they’ll take his character. Just from the prologue you can tell he’s a smooth talking guy who no doubt has some ulterior motives. And the fact that he’s already got Wendy in his pocket certainly spells trouble.

Regardless of the newcomers, however, our favorites from last season still knock it out of the park. Kyle Walters as Peter Pan has adorkable down pat, and Paula Rhodes as Wendy Darling is as sweet and determined as ever. Brennan Murray as Michael Darling is a ball of sunshine with his eternal optimism, and Graham Kurtz as John Darling continues to give us that straight-faced humor and eccentric behavior we’ve come to love.

The wardrobe

New Adventures wardrobe

As always, The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy knocks it out of the park with wardrobe. First and foremost we must bring attention to all of Wendy’s outfits. They’re straight off of ModCloth (literally) and we couldn’t be happier. The slightly retro, bright, and fun dresses she tends to wear complements her personality and makes her entire presence stand out from some of the other characters who are dressed a bit darker.

Hook’s outfits represent the modern pirate, in business suits and dapper sweaters. He doesn’t look like the captain we’re used to, but in a way he’s the perfect representation of a shark in the water. He’s clean cut and powerful looking, without looking like an outright villain.

Smee has been given a bit of a makeover (thank goodness!), but he still sports his trademark stripes. A bow tie and suspenders tops off his look, making him equal parts adorable and worthy of doing your taxes. Billy Jukes probably looks the most pirate of everyone, sporting blacks, silvers, and blood reds, with wrists of gold bangles and bracelets, not to mention some pretty mean looking rings.

The Easter eggs

New Adventures Hook Percy Daggs III

Adaptations, reboots, and modernizations are always ripe with Easter eggs, and New Adventures is no exception. From the moment we meet Hook, we see he’s sporting a hook pin (subtle, but clever), and a kid’s crocodile watch (less subtle, but still clever). His office contains J.M. Barrie’s portrait, and a general nautical theme, including anchors, octopus prints, and even a ship in a bottle.

Wendy’s desk also contains a mermaid book end, and as previously mentioned, Smee’s initial outfit is a call out to the animated character’s usual attire. The Darlings aren’t without their own Easter eggs, with Michael’s bed sheets having a nautical theme, plus Peter is wearing those green converse that call to his own trademark outfit.

At The Chonicle, Mr. Darling mentions the twins, who are Lost Boys, and of course, we have to mention the slightly Supernatural reference when he says, “The day we cover the Neverland Tupperware swap is the day I am six feet under and my ghost has been exorcised from this place.”

Final thoughts

New Adventures Peter Wendy

The heart and soul of New Adventures is the friendship and love between Peter and Wendy. While they’re apart for now, it can’t last too much longer (we hope!). With Hook right in the middle of those two, it’s sure to make for a bumpy road, but that will only give us a more meaningful conclusion at the end of this season.

Wendy has always struggled with keeping a balance between her love life and her passions, and it seems she’s swung to the other end of the spectrum. Will she be able to find that middle ground she so desires? Peter, on the other hand, is still up to his usual antics and has yet to understand the consequences of his actions. Will he be able to find his own balance between his fun-loving demeanor and his responsibilities as an adult?

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