9:25 am EDT, March 4, 2019

Netflix responds to Steven Spielberg’s campaign to ban them from Oscars

Steven Spielberg is gunning to get Netflix and other streamers banned from future Oscars, but Netflix isn’t going down without a fight.

Steven Spielberg has amassed a group of Academy members who will be attempting to ban Netflix and other streamers from qualifying for the Oscars. The crux of the argument is that Spielberg believes that in order for a movie to qualify for an Oscar, it must have a theatrical release.

Spielberg has long been a detractor of films released on streaming services, calling them a TV movie instead of a major motion picture. And while he thinks those films should qualify for Emmys, he does not believe they belong at the Oscars. After Alfonso Cuarón won big at this year’s Oscars for Roma, Spielberg is ready to see change.

And while many have come to the defense of Netflix and other streamers, discussing the rapidly-changing nature of the movie industry and the decline of the “movie theater experience,” Netflix has spoken up for itself. After releasing a tweet and a video on YouTube, Netflix gave a pretty compelling argument towards the importance of making film accessible.

The streamer stated that films released via streaming not only provides audiences without easy access to a movie theater and audiences without the disposable income the ability to see movies as soon as they release, but it also offers more filmmakers more avenues to tell their stories.

Netflix also released a video featuring Uzo Aduba that discussed the ways Netflix “makes room” for a wider range of stories with their shows and their movies.

Spielberg will be making his case at an Academy Board of Governor’s meeting, which means regular branch members won’t be in attendance. It is unclear if the Academy will choose to read the comments of some of those regular members who oppose Spielberg’s push. Regardless, this decision will be a monumental one in the future of movies and continued relevance of the Oscars.

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