12:00 pm EDT, April 5, 2018

Netflix’s cooking show ‘Nailed It’ should be your new obsession

Nailed It is pure joy.

It appeared in my Netflix browsing scroll one evening, and I thought, “Oh, I love Pinterest baking fails. Is this a play on that?” And boy, is it ever! I would even venture to describe it as a sister piece to Queer Eye. And why not, since the announcement for both of the shows’ second season renewals came on the same day.

Once you’re done wiping away tears of empathy with the Fab Five, pop over to the other new Netflix reality show to wipe away tears from laughing too hard. Here are the top five reasons to give this hot mess of a cooking show a try if you haven’t already.

5. Who needs production value?

Watching the first episode, you might be caught a bit off-guard with how non-chalant the production of the show feels, how sometimes mistakes happen and the entire vibe of the show seems pretty laid back. You’ll seen realize watching a few more episodes, however, it’s all on purpose.

Besides, the show’s tagline is “Part reality contest, part hot mess.” Leaning into the whole Instagram fail hook of the series, the show is like the Instagram fail of reality cooking competitions. And it makes it hell of a lot of fun.

4. The contestants actually matter

What’s particularly great about this cooking competition is how memorable the contestants are, and not only that but the batch of contestants for each episode always end up having great rapport with each other, too. Best of all are the contestants who, instead of embracing their mediocre baking skills, they actually think they’re much better than they’re skills prove to be.

Standout contestants include my favorite Amanda, a frazzled southern grandmother, Michael “Good Time Mike” who thinks he’s the best there is and a guy named Sal who simply refuses to play against the rules and eventually gives up to join the judges at their table.

3. Oh the horror of the cooking catastrophes

Everybody loves to watch people try and fail miserably, right? Some of these baking fails the contestants manage to churn out without burning the studio down are a true marvel. Some are so laughably bad, they even get host Nicole Byer cackling right to the contestants’ faces. There are some creations, such as the princess cake from the clip below, that are truly memorable and might even turn up in your nightmares.

2. Stage manager Wes is hot

Leaning into the show’s purposely shoddy production value, the introduction of one of the crew members, a tall burly stage manager named Wes becomes a central recurring joke. Host Nicole Byer frequently calls out to him for any missing props or trophies and also just blatantly hits on him. We stan their relationship forever.

1. Nicole Byer is the best host

And speaking of Nicole Byer, hopefully this hosting gig propels her further into the limelight. She’s had a previous show, Loosely Exactly Nicole, but this is her highest level of exposure yet and a perfect platform and showcase for her unbridled talents. She’s a star in the making with perfect comic timing and stage presence. I do really hope the world gives her the attention she deserves after this.

And as an added bonus, now her Twitter feed is just her responding to folks who insist on tagging her in their own baking fails. Her timeline is worth a scroll.

And now that the show has been renewed for a season two (hopefully for more than just six episodes), we can look forward to more Nailed It! Catch up on Netflix now.

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