10:45 am EDT, March 24, 2015

Netflix God Mode fixes slow desktop movie scrolling

Tired of Netflix's slow movie scrolling? Try out God Mode.

We’ve all gotten used to using Netflix on our iPads, smartphones, and desktops, but one problem with the site’s desktop version is that scrolling through categories is annoyingly slow and impractical. God Mode fixes all of that.

Despite responsive design becoming the norm (which is a good thing), Netflix’s desktop site has been plagued by a unique design flaw when attempting to browse categories on the popular streaming site’s front page. If you’re using Netflix on a mobile device, you’re fully aware of the added luxury of holding your finger on the arrow of a category’s arrow, as it slides over, working very seamlessly and efficient.

But, desktop users have to constantly keep their mouse hovering over the category arrow as movies in a specific category slowly scroll through the category’s list in an incredibly agonizing hunt for whichever movie you want to watch that night.

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But a developer, Renan Cakirerk, has fixed this frustratingly unique issue (aka Netflix users’ first world problem) by creating an interesting bookmark-let for your browser which fixes this issue for Netflix’s desktop users. If you’re currently looking through categories on a desktop, as you annoyingly wait as movies jump and stutter as they scroll left, check out what God Mode can do for you.


In the image seen below, this is what a category line looks like when using Netflix on a desktop computer right now. To scroll through a category on the front page, one has to take the mouse arrow and hover over the arrow on the right constantly as films scroll to the left (slowly we might add).

netflix god mode without


When you activate God Mode, by opening Netflix in your browser, and then clicking on God Mode’s bookmark in your bookmark bar, it will activate the incredibly seamless and much more easily viewable categories seen below. This removes any need to use your mouse to hover over the next movie arrow, and you no longer have to wait for movies to scroll, you simply see all the movies in the category, and then choose which one you’d like to watch.

netflix god mode activated

Activating God Mode while browsing Netflix on a desktop computer is infinitely better when using the unique workaround, and the developer, Renan Cakirerk, has given us desktop Netflix users a much better experience now that we don’t have to scroll through specific categories.

“God Mode” is essentially a must-have for Netflix desktop users, and if you need step-by-step instructions we’ve included them below.

1. Go to Netflix God Mode Bookmarklet – link
2. Bookmark the God Mode Bookmarklet on your bookmark bar (drag green button to your bookmark bar)
3. Go to your Netflix homepage – link
4. Click on the God Mode Bookmark while on Netflix’s website
5. Enjoy not having to slowly scroll through Netflix’s desktop categories one movie at a time!

A huge thanks to the developer who made all of this happen, Renan Cakirerk, and we hope that Netflix lets us continue using this incredibly useful tool to browse Netflix’s great movies. We imagine we’ll find more movies now that we don’t have to sit there waiting for movies to scroll through our screen one by one on while using our desktops.

Let us know if you think God Mode is an excellent addition to your Netflix movie browsing on your desktop computer, now that you don’t have to wait for movies to slowly scroll one at a time.

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