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Here are Netflix’s best feel-good reality shows

Need a break from all the drama? Netflix is currently streaming plenty of reality shows that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Sometimes you just need to step away from crime, thrillers and romance and focus on something a little less stressful. And sometimes you really want to see a reality show, with real people doing real-world things. But when so many reality shows are full of drama, they often just make you feel worse.

Thankfully, Netflix has plenty of shows that are both real and non-stressful, which are perfect for watching at the start of the day, right before bed, or during a relaxing break.

netflix big dreams small spaces

‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’

You might not expect to find a gardening show interesting, but there’s something very wholesome and calming about Big Dreams, Small Spaces. Following an expert gardener host, you meet people across the UK with big plans for their ordinary back yards.

Although the host comes to consult with each little team of gardeners about their plan, 90% of the work is up to the team… and the teams are wildly diverse, from neighbors working together, to a couples with small children. Best of all, the gardeners have realistic budgets and might inspire you to try things out in your own garden, and all the work is done with a positive, down-to-earth (heh) attitude. Who knew watching grass grow could be this entertaining?

netflix interior design challenge

‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’

Another British show, The Great Interior Design Challenge has the objective of finding the best amateur interior designer among 12 different contestants. Each episode tackles four or less designers competing to design the rooms for real families, every time in a different region with unique architecture across Britain.

Drama-free and very pleasant with each other, the contestants work hard to make a room that suits the need of the home’s real inhabitants, and come up with some truly beautiful and interesting designs. In the end, even though contestants get eliminated, you feel confident that everyone has had a great time and learned a lot from the experience.

queer eye tom

‘Queer Eye’

We’ve already fangirled extensively about Queer Eye here on Hypable, but it can’t be said enough: it’s probably the best reality show of recent times. Wonderfully heartwarming, absolutely hilarious, and with an infectious goodwill towards all, it’s a beautiful exploration of masculinity that we don’t get to see enough on screen.

It also features some truly fascinating conversations about social justice, such as LGBTQ+ rights, police brutality and toxic masculinity that manage to avoid any conflict or resentment and end up creating strong, compassionate friendships.

netflix nailed it

‘Nailed It!’

You’ve seen contestants craft amazing desserts on TV. Well, that doesn’t happen in this show. In Nailed It!, amateur (some really, really amateur) chefs attempt and usually fail catastrophically at imitating stunning deserts.

With a jury that isn’t afraid to laugh at the worst desserts you’ve ever seen, happy-go-lucky contestants that are just about as talented as your average person, and some ridiculously overachieving goals, Nailed It! is a great show for when you want to both laugh and be tempted to try to imitate something yourself.

netflix most extraordinary homes

‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a reality show, but it needs mentioning. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes is like taking a leisurely stroll with friends, except you’re going to see some of the most amazing houses in the world. Each episode deals with homes in very different settings: forests, mountains, beaches, and even underground. Some houses are impossible to reach by foot or by car — others, you wouldn’t even notice unless someone pointed them out to you.

This show is great because it feels like you’re going on a relaxing trip with its charismatic hosts, who are just as happy as you are to get to explore someone’s very beautiful house and maybe even imagine that they live there. And sometimes, that’s exactly the kind of escapism you need.

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