10:18 am EDT, April 24, 2015

NBC promo teases ‘X-Files’ ‘reunion’ with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson

Even though the X-Files reunion is happening on Fox, competing network NBC isn’t passing up an opportunity to cross-promote Hannibal and Aquarius — which star Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, respectively!

Guess what? The X-Files is coming back for a special six-episode reunion series, which begins filming this summer! Oh, you already knew that? Of course you did.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reprising the beloved roles of Mulder and Scully, cracking open the old case files and partying like it’s 1993, and everyone’s excited.

Even NBC, which technically has nothing to do with the reunion at all… or does it?

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It just so happens (coincidence? We think not!) that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will both be starring on the Thursday night NBC series starting May 28, and as such, the two actors will indeed be “reuniting” on NBC. Just not, you know, in the face-to-face kind of way.

That doesn’t stop NBC from amping up the nostalgia factor, though. Their “Anderson and Duchovny — Reunited on Thursdays” promo uses the classic X-Files font, riffs on the theme music, and makes it look as though the actors are actually interacting on screen:

“She plays rough,” Duchovny remarks, after we see Anderson pull a knife out of somebody’s head. The fact that Duchovny is on Aquarius while Anderson is on Hannibal can easily get lost in translation, especially when “the truth is right here, Thursdays on NBC.”

Of course NBC is using the Fox reunion to their advantage, but they’re also drawing attention to it. And hey, all’s fair in love and ratings.

This promo just got us super excited for the actual Duchovny/Anderson reunion though! Unfortunately we have to wait a few more months for that.

Luckily, Netflix is getting in on the game too, and has just begun streaming the classic show in HD. That’s a good excuse for a weekend binge, right?

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